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Our values

Choice, self-expression, creation, and empowerment are all forms of freedom we celebrate. Here you are free to respectfully speak and pursue your happiness and truth, while lovingly saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t align for you right now.

Powerful things happen when like-minded people find each other. Our reverent commitment to facilitating connections (to self and others) and fostering community sits in our heart. What’s the next best thing about owning the unique light and genius that lives within you? Sharing it.

Joy has a powerful place in the purpose of our time together. Celebration does too! We love to see you accessing peace, grounding into gratitude, celebrating your progress and feeling the heights of your joy with ease. When shared and woven through your journey, joy is a magnetising force- but mostly, it delivers the fun!

We highly value your trust in our integrity and that of our creators. We help as many people as possible to stand confidently in their truth and we are committed to doing the same. The creators on this platform are a beautiful representation of people genuinely living out what they teach.

Let us hold the door for you, come as you are! Connecting and feeling held emotionally is important to all of us, so we can understand how to help you get the most out of being here. We consider it a huge honour to hold space, listen, attune, and share this ride with you- you belong here and you’re not alone.

Cultural and spiritual differences are embraced here. We celebrate each other and encourage people to truly and courageously be themselves. We recognise that our unique experiences and perceptions create the thoughts, actions, and foundation of who we are.

You want a positive, real, and sustainable impact- that’s why you’re here. Your commitment to this work is vital but so is having space for play, fun, and life! Here you are treated as a whole being, so happiness and success can be long lasting and done your way.

We’re also determined to be a conscious business and vote with our dollar for the world we want to see. We’re mindful of it and weaving this commitment into our business as it builds.