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Holistic Business Coaching by Lauren Barlow TEST


Empower yourself with 1 hour of Holistic Business Coaching per week for three months.

1 month or 6 month of Holistic Business Coaching by Lauren Barlow

You may be a coach, a healer, an entrepreneur, a wellness expert, a creative, a spiritual guide… or a business rebel.

No matter what you call yourself—at your core you believe in doing business differently.

You believe in envisioning a new way.

A pathway that celebrates your authentic style—rejects “shoulds” and one-sized-fits-all approaches—and creates ease, freedom, and financial prosperity. Because when you have wealth, it ripples out to support your community and our planet as a whole. It all begins with you.

Our businesses have seasons and cycles. They require our deep devotion and listening to embody the greatest expression of our work.

Let’s create the business and life you truly desire.

1 hour of personal coaching per week for three months.


1 or 6 months

1 month of Holistic Business Coaching, 6 months of Holistic Business Coaching


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